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C-type high-speed and precise punching machine

Reverse the kinetic energy balance device, to achieve a balance of stability at high speed, high power mode adjustment with MOPM, easy to use slider oil pad locking device to keep the mold height unchanged, to ensure product accuracy using a computer controller, punch angle, speed and fault location and other information, all displayed in a separate console
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Double column high-speed and precise punching machine

· Bed using high-strength iron, high-precision manufacturing integrated gantry to prevent the problem of load fuselage opening to achieve a high-precision processing
· Uniaxial Center wizard, guided the entire process-oriented, so immediate eccentric load can maintain excellent accuracy heavy seat, extend punch life...
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Automatic punching machine
Automatic punch balanced pressure applied to the continuity of some of the more complex procedures flakes; such as: stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic films and sponges, for the manufacture of various types of hardware, strap, jewelry, key chains, electrical accessories, stationery, plastic foam beads instrument's feet and other products...
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About yusheng

  Yu Sheng Hardware Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
  specializes in manufacturing different kinds of metal button machines and hardware fitting machine and equipments for the clients, and the Company mainly produces automatic punching machine, chicken eye punching machine, automatic button surface punching machine, speaker net machine, ordinary punching machine, 400S meter needle cup chain machine, ball chain machine, button machinery and equipment, double punching machine, automatic plastic cutting machine and so on
  Dongguan Yusheng Punching Machinery Plant can respond to the sample demands offered by the clients, provide different kinds of automatic button fitting and equipment moulds...【more】
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Mobile:Liu +86-13433005018
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